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Same Day Funding

ChainMyne Is Bringing You Funding Options in Crypto Like No Other!

ChainMyne offers state of the art financial services and same day funding options for you to get a hold of today! We are the premier digital currency platform headquartered in Quebec, Canada. In addition, we provide partnerships with liquidity providers that are mutually beneficial for all stakeholders. All your trading and funding needs are sure to be met under our roof – that’s for sure!

We aim to provide easy access to building wealth and financial independence via the use of blockchain technology.

We know that in the fast-paced world, the faster and more accessible the funding is, the easier and more profitable it is to conduct the crypto trade. At ChainMyne, we hold this principle as a priority. And so, we seek to provide same day funding options with speed and agility. Our company can facilitate wire transfers, which typically take between 24 and 48 hours to complete. In some cases, e-Transfers may take up to three hours to get funded. 

Same Day Funding – Why Us?

For same day funding, ChainMyne has been trusted and relied upon by experts across the globe. Why is this so? Well, we ensure the lowest fee is incurred to help you achieve a wide variety of digital funding options. We also offer fiat funding options to make it easier to handle your cryptocurrency investments. Post-trade settlement into fiat currency is now easier than ever with our assistance. 

With years of experience in the industry, ChainMyne has invested its resources into observing, understanding, and analyzing the digital currency landscape. Thus, we have sought to expand the horizon to provide you with the latest and most sustainable funding options out there. They’re same day and efficient at helping you trade from fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto effortlessly. 

From Crypto to Fiat – Trade Anywhere and Everywhere 

Our philosophy rests on two vital pillars in the world of digital currency – ensuring security and prompt execution of trade servicing. 

Our security options are the best in the industry – making it easy and stress-free for you to conduct trades from anywhere in the world. You can deposit your funds without any worry. Thus, allowing you to focus on the changing market trends and industry developments with ease. 

What makes our services stand out from the rest is our ability to provide funding options in Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollars (USD, and Euro (EUR) currencies. Not only this, but you can even fund your account with crypto assets. If you already own digital currency, then you need not worry. Accrediting them all to your ChainMyne account should only take a few minutes! 

Invest With Us!

When you invest via ChainMyne, we can help you run through the market trends, keep track of the latest cryptocurrency news, provide access to an Affluent Director, and OTC trading and brokerage services. Our team strives to provide ample resources for you to make informed decisions. We are registered as a Money Services Business as per the FINTRAC guidelines. So, you can be assured that your funding option is not only same day but safe and secure as well. 

Make an account and register with ChainMyne today! Your journey to begin financial trading is only a few steps away

We offer the same day wires in and out when buying/selling before 3PM EST. For Canadian clients, depositing via e-transfer is free! 

Call us today and get a detailed breakdown of how to get on board and receive same day funding in no time!


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