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ChainMyne is Available in Canada! 

Buy, Sell, and Store Your Crypto on ChainMyne!

(Buy/Sell with ChainMyne)

Today, cryptocurrencies continue to gain acceptance among investors and consumers, Canada has emerged as a hub for their foundational technology. The brain behind Ethereum platform is Vitalik Buterin which developed the second largest cryptocurrency based on market cap in Toronto,Canada. Although digital currencies are not legal tender in the country, in 2014, Canada established itself as a leader in the global digital asset space when the Canadian Parliament became the first government in the world to pass a national law on digital currencies. Canada has integrated traditional investing by advancing as the first country to approve a Bitcoin ETF in the world, and approve three Ethereum ETFs (exchange-traded funds) in one day as of April 20th, 2020 which also was the first in the world to do so. This decision allowed interested investors to gain exposure to Ether. With ChainMyne now available in Canada, you can also buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more! You can buy on our digital currency platform via wire transfers or e-transfer for Canadians; trade in CAD, USD, or EUR; and convert from fiat to crypto, and vice versa.

ChainMyne is a registered Money Services Business under the FINTRAC guideline. We work with a mission to establish financial freedom and safeguard access to creating wealth through cryptocurrencies. We want to put the power in your hands and manage your financial freedom through blockchain technology.

Our values are based on security, inclusiveness, trust, and easing the process of obtaining Digital Assets. Our goal is to help in the international adoption of Digital Currency via peer-to-peer network transactions and transparent access to financial independence.


We make it easy to purchase cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, so you can build a portfolio for the future of your money!

Investing in Crypto Made Easy 

We make purchasing and selling cryptocurrency an easy and reliable experience. 

Professional Customer Support Service

We offer superior in-class customer service with a tailored experience. 

High Security 

Our digital asset market is highly secured with managed firewalls, integrated proactive monitoring, DDoS protection, in-house IDS/IPS, and more. 

How It Works 

Our mission is to empower the people’s rights to individual freedom via blockchain technology and put the power back in their hands. We are building towards a new future of transparency, financial freedom, accessibility, and trust. 

Here are the three steps you need to follow to start trading. 

1. Sign Up 

Head over to our platform and register today!

2. Fund 

Once your account has been activated, head over to your profile tab and click on Verify Account. Simply follow the instructions provided for swift verification through iComply.  

3. Start Trading

Enter your deposit amount to purchase and immediately access your wallet IDs to sell. 

Why Should You Use ChainMyne?

Here are some reasons why you should use ChainMyne for all your crypto trading needs – 

1. Cold Storage 

Cold storage custodian services in partnership with Gardaworld. Nearly 99 percent of our coins are kept in cold storage. 

2. Trust 

Each digital asset is fully audited and insured for transparency. 

3. Low Prices

We are sure that there is really no price that we cannot beat or match. Prices are as low as 1 percent on trades of $25,000 or higher. 

4. Access to Numerous Cryptocurrencies

We have a number of cryptocurrencies available, including BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, LT, BSV, AAVE, COMP, UNI, LINK, YFI, XRP, DOGE, BAT, SNX, USDC, MKR, MANA. 

3. Liquidity 

Access to vast liquidity pools and surety of clearing for large block trades of any volume. 

4. KYC Compliant 

Auditable, transparent, AML/KYC compliant processes. 

5. Immediate Funding 

Same day funding on wire transfers and account settlement in CAD, EURO, and USD. 

6. Competitive FX Rates

Competitive FX rates and immediate settlements for large block trades worth $25,000 and above. 

Contact Us Today!

Register on ChainMyne’s proprietary trading platform today and start building financial freedom with ChainMyne! 

Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can assist you! Call us at 1-833-883-3948 or

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